Homeopath: Medical System of the Future?

Even though homeopathy has a history of over 200 years it is also a medical system of the future.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that force-fields constitute the very essence of all matter in Nature. It can be concluded that these energetic (electro-magnetic) fields control the primary functions regulating all of our physiological and biochemical processes.

Science has found that electro-magnetic elements in living cells contain information which drives the body processes. Major assaults on the body (e.g. infectious agents, toxic pollutants, etc.) that the body is not able to overcome become imprinted in cell information in CD-like fashion. The changed cell information feeds back into the body’s chemistry, altering it adversely. This “cellular memory” may explain the tenacity of chronic diseases and the inability of conventional pharmaceutical methods to eradicate them. Drugs which act through chemistry simply cannot erase pathological information residing within our cells.

Homeopathic medicines in their higher dilutions and greater potencies do not contain any of the original crude substance (usually from plants, minerals and animal products) but only its energetic imprint. The process of homeopathic medicine preparation is capable of transferring energy and information from the subatomic domains of the original crude substance into homeopathic solutions. The action of homeopathic medicines, based on the principle of ‘like cures like’, can reverse the pathological energetic imprint of affected cells and move the body back towards order.


Colin has been practicing homeopathy for many years. He received an advance degree in Australia before moving back to Canada to make the Island his home. With a firm belief that the body knows how to heal itself, Colin offers a holistic approach to assisting individuals obtain optimal health.