Digestion/Abdominal Pain
November 1, 2014

I was having digestion problems and abdominal pain that nothing I tried seemed able to help me. I was reacting to an increasing variety of foods and was losing weight. Also, I was feeling very anxious not wanting to travel alone and felt I always needed company for support.

Within a few visits with Colin, and after three remedies, my sense of anxiety improved and I felt calmer and more confident within myself. My digestion improved and I was able to eat foods I couldn’t eat previously. The pain and discomfit has been relieved and I have been able to put on weight.

My friends and family are saying that I look much healthier and my energy level has risen dramatically. I feel like I have my life back.

November 1, 2014

I came to see Colin hoping for some help with my emotions stemming from my marital relationship. I was feeling a lot of stress at home and felt my partner was very controlling, very critical and I was feeling a lot of anger that I could not express. I felt I was continually being put down and was becoming increasingly isolated. When the stress was high a skin condition I have became worse.

Colin prescribed a remedy and within a day or two I noticed a change. It was unbelievable. It wasn’t as if my partner changed, but my outlook changed and I was able to deal with my feelings without being bothered. I also started to develop some outside interests. Not surprisingly my skin condition has also improved.

I couldn’t be happier with how it has worked out.