Homeopathic Treatment

What to Expect

Before treatment starts you will be asked to complete standardized forms on your medical history, family health history, your health concerns and current medications.
The treatment starts with a comprehensive consultation (typically takes 60-90 minutes for chronic conditions). The focus is on the main presenting symptom (health issue that is of most concern to you). We also consider any other health issues that you may currently have or had in the past as well as mind and emotional factors which may be contributing to your overall condition.

As an individualized approach, you are usually prescribed a homeopathic medicine most suitable for your specific health concerns (medicine is included in the cost of the initial consultation). In some chronic cases the medicine won’t be decided on until a few days after the consultation.

Following the initial consultation within 2-4 weeks there is a follow-up consultation (around half an hour) to assess progress after taking the medicine. Typically with chronic cases you should expect to have from 3-5 follow-up consultations over a period of months to ensure the best possible outcomes. The goal is for you to become independently healthy.

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