Homeopathy for Heart Health

Far more than a simple pump, as was once believed, the heart is now recognized by scientists as a highly complex system with its own functional “brain”.

Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for sending, receiving and processing information. The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Moreover, numerous experiments have demonstrated that the signals the heart continuously sends to the brain influence the function of higher brain centers involved in perception, cognition and emotional processing.

In addition to the extensive neural communication network linking the heart with the brain and body, the heart also communicates information to the brain and throughout the body (unseen but measurable) via electromagnetic field interactions. The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field (many times more powerful than the brain) that interacts within the body and with the world around it.

It is believed that the heart’s electromagnetic field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronizing signal for the entire body (literally tells all our cells in the body what to do). This perspective requires an energetic concept of information, in which patterns of organization are enfolded into waves of system activity distributed throughout the system as a whole.

Basic research at the Institute of HeartMath shows that information pertaining to a person’s emotional state is also communicated throughout the body via the heart’s electromagnetic field. The rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions. Negative emotions, such as anger or frustration, are associated with an erratic, disordered, incoherent pattern in the heart’s rhythms while positive emotions are associated with smooth, ordered, coherent rhythmic activity.

Creating sustained positive heart coherence (psychophysiological coherence) is known to positively impact one’s own health and well being physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as positively impacting those around them. At a physiological level, this mode is characterized by increased efficiency and harmony in the activity and interactions of the body’s systems including the heart. Psychologically this mode is linked with a notable reduction in internal mental dialogue, reduced perceptions of stress, increased emotional balance, and enhanced mental clarity, intuitive discernment, and cognitive performance.

In homeopathy, when considering a course of treatment for a client, we take into consideration not only the physical symptoms that may be exhibited but also consider what mental and emotional states may be contributing to any disease. The body is looked at as a whole where all components are interacting with each other and symptoms are considered to be the body’s way of dealing with a disease.

Homeopaths believe that the only thing that can stop a symptom is the body’s immune system itself; the body is responsible for the symptom and it alone can stop it permanently. However, disease develops when the immune system due to some malfunction is unable to overcome a disturbance to the body.

In most cases of disease the cause is unknown but the derangement in an individual can be identified by the symptoms the body expresses in reaction to the derangement. Even viral or bacterial infections are not considered to be the cause of disease but a symptom of some derangement of the body system. As these symptoms are the body’s attempt to heal itself they need to be supported rather than opposed.

Most diseases are considered by homeopaths to be caused by derangements in the body’s energy fields which provide information to cells for them to carry out their functions. A cell whose function is impeded or altered due to faulty energy field information will cause the cell to malfunction and potentially impact the body system giving rise to disease.

Derangement to the body at an energy field level (preceding the biochemical level) needs to be treated at an energy level in order for the body to heal itself. Treatment with chemical based medicines will at best suppress symptoms but will not induce the body to heal itself. Homeopathic medicines function at an energy level (due to their preparation) and can aid the body in healing itself.

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