Skin and other diseases—a Homeopathic Approach

The skin is the largest organ of the body in surface area and weight. The skin helps to regulate body temperature, serves as a water-repellant and protection barrier between the external environment and internal tissues, contains sensory nerve endings as well as performing other functions including helping synthesize the active form of Vitamin D.

Skin diseases are often considered to be minor in terms of risk to and quality of life. However, try telling someone who is suffering from eczema or psoriasis that it does not affect their quality of life. Ask a teenager about acne or someone with warts or herpes whether or not it affects their quality of life. Everyone knows that skin cancer can be deadly.

Yet in many skin diseases we still do not know the cause and current treatments consist of applications such as corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, antihistamines for itch, moisturizing agents, radiation, etc. designed to control or suppress symptoms rather than cure.

To say that a virus causes herpes for an example is simplistic. It is true that exposure to the virus through some activities increases the risk but not all people exposed to the virus contract herpes. If the virus was the cause of herpes why don’t all that are exposed become infected?

Perhaps a change in perspective is in order?

Medical anatomy & physiology books are full of important information about how the body functions, about how organs (including the skin) work, how mechanical, chemical and electrical processes occur but nowhere in these works will you find what causes these functions to occur. Who is the conductor of the body orchestra? Who or what tells the lungs to breathe, the heart to beat, the skin to repair? What causes a baby to go from two cells to a full grown baby with billions of cells in nine months? There has to be some life force or intelligence that is the body’s conductor. Such a life force, which must exist, has to be of an immaterial or energetic nature not known to our senses or detectable by our current methods. This life force gives life and is absent at our death. It is dynamic, animates the body, regulates its functions and homeostasis, restores equilibrium and functions in health and disease.

This immaterial nature should not be a strange concept to us considering gravity and magnetism both are not known to our senses but are known by their effects. When one looks at our world at the atomic or subatomic level all matter is made of the same material and is predominantly energy. Some intelligence beyond human understanding causes this material to be a rock or a plant or a human body. Why can’t we seem to accept that there are some immaterial influences on life as a human organism?

So what if we look at dis-ease as being a derangement of this life force (vital force) caused by some influence known or unknown? Normally the vital force when subject to some outside influence (e.g. micro-organism) maintains equilibrium of the body through its own regulating mechanisms such as activating the body’s immune system. However, when the vital force and body systems are overwhelmed due to susceptibility whatever the cause (hereditary, emotional, environmental, etc.) the dis-ease makes itself known by its signs and symptoms that deviates the organism from the normal state of health. These signs and symptoms (including mind, emotional and physical expressions) are the outward reflection of the internal derangement of the vital force that is the disease.

Typically when there is disease the human organism in its attempts to maintain homeostasis tries to isolate disease where it causes the least amount of disturbance away from more important organs (e.g. skin conditions). Inappropriate control or suppression of a skin condition, for example, does not address the disease which is the derangement of the vital force. Such treatments can cause the disease expression to go deeper and affect more critical organs.

Logically, to arrive at a cure, we need to address the disease at the level of the vital force to overcome the derangement which is the disease (expressed by the totality of the signs and symptoms). Should the derangement of the vital force at the energetic level be removed then its expression in terms of signs and symptoms is also removed.

Homeopathic medicines due to dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking) act at an energy level to stimulate the vital force to overcome the disease and have been used successfully for over 200 years.

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