Toxicology Agents and Homeopathy

Is Homeopathy Capable of Protecting Against and Treating the Consequences of Toxicological Agents?

All of us are aware that we are exposed to an ever increasing barrage of toxic substances from air pollutants; chemicals such as pesticides and food additives; heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc.; pollution through air waves from electromagnetic devices such as microwaves, cell phones, smart meters, etc. Toxic agents also include the many bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can affect the human body.

We need to consider ways to assist the world population to effectively deal with the multitude of personal health challenges to be faced as a consequence of the growing toxicological side-effects associated with our chemical, pharmaceutical and electromagnetic industries not to mention the effects of possible biological, chemical or nuclear warfare.

There were 135 studies published between 1955 and 1993 that investigated the potential protective effects of homeopathic remedies against toxins. Most of the remedies tested were isodes (homeopathic remedies made from toxic agents). Review and evaluation of these studies by an independent team of researchers from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington D.C., and three university centers in Germany, concluded that in more than 70% of these studies, the research was of good quality and positive outcomes were supported by rigorous statistical analysis. Interestingly, the strongest evidence was demonstrated by those studies where the highest dilutions were used, that is, when the remedy had been diluted far beyond the presence of even a single molecule remaining of the original substance. By purely conventional pharmacological criteria, these preparations had to be completely inert and devoid of any biological activity or action, yet they produced statistically significant outcomes. The reviewers concluded that there was sufficient evidence to justify the consideration of homeopathic preparations for protection in cases of toxic exposure.

Homeopathy is thought to act on the information wave aspect of a particular remedy rather than the coarse particulate aspect (bio-chemical medicine) and thus can display powerful medical therapeutic action on all life forms. Homeopathy acts precisely on a deep and fundamental dimension of human physiology; the energy fields of our cells.

William A. Turner, Stanford University, illustrates the key difference in these two levels of medical understanding using the following example. It is well known that placing colloidal particles of silver into a beaker of water that contains bacteria will kill the bacteria. What is not well known is that placing these colloidal silver particles in a nearby gas discharge tube, and focusing the electromagnetic emissions from the tube onto the beaker, will also kill the bacteria. Thus, physical contact between the bacteria and the silver is not a necessary condition for killing these bacteria. Via this simple example we see that it is the specific information energetic pattern inherent in the silver atom and not the physical contact that is killing the bacteria. It is not widely appreciated within the chemistry-based medical paradigm that profound changes in the body can be triggered through precision medicines, which act as signals on energetic aspects of our human physiology. Because immune and detoxifying organs charged with combating biological and chemical assaults possess these energetic aspects too, they are able to be turned on by these signals and act against specific noxious agents promptly and efficiently. Based upon this principle, homeopathic ‘digital vaccines’ and antidotes can be produced against any toxic agent.

It was postulated that homeopathic remedies may confer disease resistance by inducing a chronic immune stress response. This effect closely resembles that of conventional vaccines, where the immune stress response is known to elicit long-lasting effects.

Another hypothesis concerns the ‘gating theory’, whereby cells that have become stimulated by the homeopathic energetic created immune related response become “deaf” to the actions of offending agents. From this perspective, if a homeopathic isode engages the cells in a communication process, the result will be a partial or complete cellular disengagement from the pathological connection with the corresponding disease producing agent(s).

Because we humans are open living systems, we are constantly subjected to many incoming messages or inputs of diverse nature: emotional, nutritional, atmospherical, toxicological and biological. Therefore, we cannot maintain our physiology in a fixed state because it must oscillate constantly in response to these inputs. In health, these fluctuations tend to remain closer to order than chaos. Under the impact of adverse inputs, a given body function or system begins to move toward disorder and, if not redirected, approaches a point of bifurcation (i.e., a “fork in the road”). This reflects a condition of a precarious state where the affected system or function becomes increasingly likely to lose its state of normalcy and transform into a state of pathology. It has been determined that, while at a bifurcation point, a system will become increasingly sensitive to even the weakest oscillatory signals. If that signal has a special meaning for a system’s needs at the time, the system will respond with movement back toward order.

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