Treatment of Toxicity with Homeopathic Medicines

In today’s world we are exposed to a barrage of toxic substances from air pollutants; to chemicals such as pesticides and food additives; to heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc.; to pollution through air waves from electromagnetic devices such as microwaves, cell phones, smart meters, etc.

The majority of “healthy” people in the industrialized nations, particularly in the big cities, are mobile containers of toxic pollutants with as many as 100 pollutants documented to reside within human tissue.

We need to consider ways to assist the world population to effectively deal with the multitude of personal health challenges to be faced as a consequence of the growing toxicological side-effects associated with our chemical, pharmaceutical and electromagnetic industries.

For nearly a century, toxicologists have known of a very strange phenomenon called ‘Hormesis’. The term describes the paradoxical behavior of highly diluted amounts of toxic agents. Hormesis has been formalized by what is known in pharmacology as the Arndt-Shultz Law and Hueppe’s Rule: high doses kill, medium doses harm and low doses benefit. Homeopathy is ‘applied hormesis’. When ingested in homeopathic like doses, such agents can offer health benefits.

Whenever we refer to our environment, we perceive is causally and in a purely materialistic way that is limited to our five senses. This mode of perception prevents us from discerning much deeper underlying levels of Nature. There is another dimension to everything in Nature, including our environment and our bodies. This dimension- ENERGY- is the deepest and most fundamental of all. The various forms and interactions of energy comprise the main subject of the science of physics, which according to the National Science Education Standards, has been established as the most fundamental in the hierarchy of all sciences. Thus the laws of physics must apply to other sciences and disciplines including chemistry, biology and medicine. Homeopathy is subject to the laws of physics.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, states that force-fields constitute the very essence of all matter in Nature. It can be concluded that these energetic fields control the primary function regulating all of our physiological and biochemical processes and may even constitute a blueprint of life itself.

Every structure in the body, including the entire chemistry of the body, down to the chromosomes, is energy-operated and driven by electromagnetic fields (‘vital force’ in homeopathy). Studying human cells from a purely electrical engineering viewpoint, it has been found that marked differences to oscillation patterns occur between normal and diseased cells. It has been found that each group of cells emitted different frequencies specific to its organ or tissue of origin. Harmful factors such as faulty nutrition, environmental pollution containing toxic chemicals or heavy metals, bacteria or viruses weaken and distort cellular electro-magnetic fields prior to the onset of illness and death. It can be concluded that health is nothing but a state of electro-magnetic equilibrium of body cells, while disease and death represent just the opposite – a broken energetic balance. It can be surmised that health and disease represent an ongoing “war of radiations” between the body and harmful elements.

Science has found that magnetic elements in living cells are repositories for voluminous amounts of information, the pathological content of which contributes to the development and sustainment of chronic diseases. All of the major assaults (toxic pollutants, infectious agents, or physical or emotional traumas) that the body is not able to overcome become imprinted onto these cellular recordings in a CD-like fashion, and then continuously feed back into the body’s chemistry, altering it adversely. This “cellular memory” could explain the tenacity of chronic diseases and the inability of conventional pharmaceutical methods to eradicate them. Drugs which act through chemistry, the most superficial level of Man’s physiology, simply cannot erase pathological information residing within our cells.

It is not a prerequisite for medicines to contain a material substance in order to promote healing effects. Such a requirement is necessary only for pharmaceutical medicines, whose action is based on the principles of chemistry. However the human body also can be affected by many other factors in Nature that do not represent pharmaceutical or chemical agents per se. Instead, these factors represent energetic forces that are capable of acting at the level of our energy body. Homeopathic medicines are active energetic entities endowed with coherent and specific oscillations that cannot be explained by the limitations of chemistry. Homeopathic remedies in their higher dilutions and greater potencies do not contain any of the original substance, but only its energetic imprint. The process of homeopathic preparation is evidently capable of transferring energy and information from the subatomic domains of the original crude substance into homeopathic solutions.

The physiology of all living systems is being run via computer-like electromagnetic communications. Homeopathic medicines, which contain stored diverse and specific energetic information, interact with the endogenous energetic communication system in the living and provide stimulating and correcting signals that promote self-repair and healing by influencing cellular memory. Homeopathic preparations form two main energetic layers that become permanently imprinted into water media: one more superficial, primarily electric, and another, deeper and more subtle, mainly, magnetic layer. While normal water has no net electrical charge, water containing IE clusters (crystal like) found in homeopathic solutions, emits a small electric charge.

Why and how do homeopathic medicines work? One hypothesis states that when a force is imposed upon a system, it reacts to nullify the effect of that force. Whereas high doses may overwhelm the system, minute doses of toxins serve to irritate and stimulate the defense mechanism, boosting immune and metabolic capacity to a level which benefits the system as a whole. The dose deemed necessary has been termed the sufficient challenge and is very similar in concept to the miniscule doses of allergens employed by allergists to challenge and raise the body’s defense against allergenic agents. Homeopathy is the only medical system that puts the concept of sufficient challenge to widespread use.

The mechanism of action of a homeopathic medicine can be looked at according to the gating theory of molecular biology (our cells can respond to and process only so much information at one time). If a homeopathic medicine engages the cells in a communication process, the result will be a partial or complete cellular disengagement from the pathological connection with the disease producing agent(s). The more specific the homeopathic energetic imprint of the actual offending agents or disease process can be, the more capable they are of engaging the cells at the action sites of that agent or disease process inside the body and cutting off their corresponding actions (Law of Similars). In effect, a homeopathic medicine can replace the energetic imprint of cells affected by a toxin, for example, and move the body system back towards order.

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